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Insights Quarterly is a research initiative between Fujitsu and Microsoft created specifically to fund and publish research into today’s ICT challenges and solutions.

We recognise that CIOs and IT professionals have a difficult job. Budgets are tight, management demands more accountability and greater ROI from their ICT investments. At the same time there is a constant clamour for new technologies and capabilities. To shed light on these challenges we went to the CIOs themselves, people like you who can provide real insights grounded in real experience.

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Volume 4 – Applications and Security in Australia

This edition of the Fujitsu-Microsoft Insights Quarterly focuses on applications and security issues. The report is based on data collected in ResearchWire’s CIO Trends survey.

In this survey we found, among other things that:

  • Security is a growing concern ...
    ... but many users are not doing much about it
  • Cloud computing is now mainstream
  • Applications are migrating to mobile platforms and the cloud
  • Packaged software is becoming the norm ...
    ... which means CIOs are no longer so concerned about applications development and delivery
  • There is not a lot of knowledge about Big Data and Big Data analytics
  • Data sovereignty is becoming an important issue

These and findings paint an exciting picture applications development and delivery Australia, but concerns about security create significant challenges. Read on for more detail and analysis…

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